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Pearl Power Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Solid Gold

Pearl Power Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Solid Gold

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Pearl Power Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Solid Gold

This is a gentle, yet powerful piece, made with the intention of helping with deep cleansing and purification. The sweet and gentle energy of the pearls are protected by the power of Black Tourmaline and Gold, which allows a deep releasing of old energies that are no longer serving you.

We love that Pearl has become so popular lately, and boy are these natural pearls TOP quality. ✨🤍✨

PEARLS have a soothing energy to them and have been used for thousands of years to ward off negative spirits and energies. It’s known as an “introspective” gemstone that encourages finding one’s highest path of service in this life.

BLACK TOURMALINE is on the top of the list of stones that help to shield against lower forms of energy, like negativity. It’s a very protective crystal that is good to have around when interacting with other people. 🖤

Black Tourmaline also helps to protect the body’s auric field from the lower forms of energy that come in the form of EMF’s, which is a type of radiation emitted by electronics like cell phones, computers, and radio towers. 📱💻📡

This listing is for one Pearl Power Bracelet with Black Tourmaline, as seen in the photos. Bracelet length is approximately 7.25" on jewelry-grade elastic cord and finished with a Sterling Silver knot cover. If another size is desired, please include message at checkout.

Feel free to message us with any special requests! ✨

Ships in 1-2 business days 🚚
International service available upon request ✈️

Whether you know us from our storefront, or you found us here online, we here at New Mexico Rocks are here to make YOUR crystal dreams come true! ✨🙌🏽✨

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