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Aura Photo Reading

Aura Photo Reading

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Have you ever wondered the color of your aura?? C’mon on down and get an energy scan and see what kind of vibe you give off!

We have a state-of-the-art aura photography machine that has been developed using the most current technology that helps to further bridge the gap between metaphysics and science.

Each reading begins by placing the right hand on a sensor that immediately begins to scale the seven energy center of the body, also known as the seven chakras.

After the scan is complete, a photo is taken to show the main color or colors (or energies) that are currently expressing themselves in the aura. These photos are cute and fun to post online and/or to post up on the wall to act as a reminder of what was discussed in the Aura Photo Reading.

If the upgraded option has been chosen, a longer, more detailed explanation of what the energy scan shows will be explained, along with a 14-page report that goes extremely in-depth in analyzing each energy center at the time of scan along with a great deal of additional helpful information. 

No-matter which option has been chosen, we will offer recommendations as to help certain energy centers to function at a higher level in order for you to strengthen your energetic field. This may include: certain crystals to work with, foods to eat, activities to take part in, etc.

All Aura readings are meant to be fun and informative in helping you to discover who you truly are! ✨🌈✨

There are two options in the drop-down above. Once you have chosen your option and submitted payment, we will reach out to schedule your Aura Photo Reading!

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