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Jade + Rose Quartz + Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Jade + Rose Quartz + Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Sterling Silver

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Jade + Rose Quartz + Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Sterling Silver

JADE has been used by various cultures over for thousands of years to stay young and healthy. It’s believed by many cultures to promote a more robust life force energy, or “Chi.” It has been often been referred to as a stone of luck, prosperity, and "eternal youth."

ROSE QUARTZ has such a loving energy that reminds us to carry unconditional love, for ourselves and others. What could be more “crystal-y” than that?? Pretty much sums it all up right there. ✨💖

BLACK TOURMALINE is on the top of the list of stones that help to shield against lower forms of energy, like negativity. It’s a very protective crystal that is good to have around when interacting with other people. 🖤

Black Tourmaline also helps to protect the body’s auric field from the lower forms of energy that come in the form of EMF’s, which is a type of radiation emitted by electronics like cell phones, computers, and radio towers. 📱💻📡

This listing is for one Jade + Rose Quartz + Black Tourmaline Bracelet, as seen in the photo. Bracelet length is approximately 7.25" on jewelry-grade elastic cord and finished with a Sterling Silver knot cover. If another size is desired, please include message at checkout.

Feel free to message us with any special requests! ✨

Ships in 1-2 business days 🚚
International service available upon request ✈️

Whether you know us from our storefront, or you found us here on Etsy, we are here to make YOUR crystal dreams come true! ✨🙌🏽✨

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