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New Mexico Rocks

Moldavite + White Zircon on 10k Solid Gold

Moldavite + White Zircon on 10k Solid Gold

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Moldavite + White Zircon in Solid 10k Gold

Whoah now this is a ring right here!! 🤩🤩

Starting with the huge 9 x 7 Emerald cut Moldavite then getting to the super icy, top quality White Zircon.. all wrapped in your 10k Solid Yellow Gold.. it is just too good to be true. 

We could easily seeing this being an incredibly fabulous wedding / engagement ring. Any which way you wear it, the fact remains that it is a gorgeous talisman of bringing heavenly energies to our earthly plain. ✨✌🏽✨

MOLDAVITE is known as the stone of ultimate transformation. It helps to attract people and situations to you that challenge you and help you to grow. These “transformative” experiences aren’t always easy, but they give you the opportunity to “level up,” and, we’ll take it!! 😸

Something that we really enjoy about Moldavite is that it helps with healing all the chakras. It can be a great “releaser” of stuck energies in the various chakra centers. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

We’ve also noticed throughout the years that Moldavite helps to open one’s sensitivity to the energies of all the other stones and metals that are out there. Also, the spirit of nature 🕊

WHITE ZIRCON is known as a talisman for spiritual protection, especially when it is in this faceted form and worn as jewelry. 🤍 It’s also known to help with connecting to Angels, Spirit Guides, and Beloved Ancestors and helps with fine-tuning and focusing “psychic gifts.” 

This White Zircon is completely natural and is some of the finest quality we’ve ever seen. It is so bling-bling icy, it is truly wild!

All metal used in this piece is solid 10k yellow gold with a money-back guarantee 👍🏽

This listing is for one Moldavite + White Zircon in Solid 10k Gold, as seen in the photos. Sizing available upon request for an additional charge.

Feel free to message us with any special requests! ✨

Ships in 1-2 business days 🚚
International service available upon request ✈️

Whether you know us from our storefront, or you found us here online, we here at New Mexico Rocks are here to make YOUR crystal dreams come true! ✨🙌🏽✨

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