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Tiger's Eye + Hematite Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Tiger's Eye + Hematite Bracelet with Sterling Silver

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Tiger's Eye + Hematite Bracelet with Sterling Silver

For ALL the GROUNDING and Confidence

TIGER'S EYE is a stone with flashy bands of golden yellow throughout its composition. It is known to help with courage, confidence, and will power. It reminds us of the personal power inside each of us, and it can help activate our true selves with ease. It assists in the  to diminishing of fear and lets inhibiting factors stay out of the way as we put ourselves out there.s out there.

HEMATITE is a stone comprised of Iron Oxide, the same mineral in our blood that gives it its red color. (Believe it or not, when ground down or crushed, this stone turns red!) Because of this, Hematite is a very grounding and physically-empowering stone. It is great for exercise, because it aids in oxygenation and blood-flow. Generally, Hematite allows us to feel present, strong, and physically empowered.

This listing is for one Tiger's Eye + Hematite Bracelet, as seen in the photos. Bracelet length is approximately 7.25" on jewelry-grade elastic cord and finished with a Sterling Silver knot cover. If another size is desired, please include message at checkout.

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